Welcome and Congratulations!

 It would be my honor to serve, guide and protect you

and your family through this intimate journey called


 I have been compassionately assisting and supporting

breastfeeding families through life transitions since 1969. 

The pathway to a healthy and successful breastfeeding journey

had started the moment you considered breastfeeding your

baby.You may have heard from other moms, family members, or

experienced yourself, that it isn't or hasn't been easy. It will get

easier! It does mean empowering and educating yourself on how

breastfeeding works. It also includes seeking the encouragement

and support you need in order to continue on the breastfeeding

path that you had envisioned. I am an international board

certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) with the expertise,

knowledge, and over forty years of experience, you are seeking.

I offer lactation and breastfeeding support in your home and at

the hospital for:

  • Latch-on challenges
  • Nipple trauma
  • Weaning from nipple shield
  • Low milk supply/oversupply issues
  • Tongue-tie/Lip Tie challenges
  • Breastfeeding after breast reduction- augmentation surgery
  • Engorgement, plugged ducts and pores
  • Prenatal breastfeeding education consultations
  • Breast infections: Mastitis/candida/thrush
  • Preterm infants, NICU infants and multiples
  • Infants with special feeding needs
  • Back to work breastfeeding program
  • Pumping, collecting, storing and bottle feeding
  • Introduction to solids
  • Weaning 

   Call today for your 10-minute complimentary breastfeeding consultation and to inquire about your eligibility, with private insurance, for a 1 hr office visit for a fee of $37.50

 (510) 967-4878

Amrit K Khalsa R.N. IBCLC

Email: [email protected]